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The following services can be provided:

Consultations: Initially, we meet with you to fully understand your requirements including space planning, products selections, design aesthetics, budget parameters and completion deadline. Over the course of the project, we will meet several times to give you updates on your project and take on board your feedback.

Site Visits: We can conduct site surveys to compile all the information required.

Concepts: To visualise your project, we can provide concepts such as mood boards and rendered 3D computer-generated visuals. This provides a springboard for the design direction which can be developed further.

CAD Drawings: Computer Aided Design drawings demonstrates the spatial potential of your space. Schematic drawings are developed to ensure the level of detail required for the client and contractor to fully understand the project.

Product Selection: We choose the right products for you whether it be flooring, fabrics, furniture, lighting, art and accessories. With many years’ experience, we know the right suppliers at the right price for you and can negotiate the best prices possible. In addition, we can advise on technical specifications of the materials so that they are suitable for your project.

Sample Submissions: Samples will be provided of all specified materials as well as materials schedules or specification sheets as required.

Value Engineering: If required, a review of the budget can be carried out and certain products can be re-specified that are more in keeping with the client’s budget.

Approvals: We are familiar with the local authority requirements needed to secure all the approvals in terms of documentation, samples and CAD drawings. Advice can be provided to ensure that your project adheres to the local standards and regulations.

Project Management: We can oversee the whole process from concept to completion. This ensures an in-depth understanding of all the issues relating to the project including the selection of reliable suppliers and contractors; factory visits to ensure quality control of custom made items and installations according to a well-thought out schedule.

Snag List: When the project is complete, Full Circle Design FZLLC will conduct a thorough inspection and report. Follow up with the relevant parties will ensure that the snags will be completed in a timely fashion.

Courses: Adults looking for inspiration to design their own home or considering a career change or career development can undertake a course or workshop suitable for their skills’ level.