Sharon Conneely-Donaldson: Creative Director/Tutor

Sharon Conneely-Donaldson: Creative Director/Tutor

Sharon is the Creative Director of Full Circle Design FZLLC which provides full interior design solutions for residential and commercial interiors, in addition to training courses/workshops. She has over 20 years teaching experience and is very student- centred getting the absolute best from each one through her unique techniques! Sharon studied Arts and Education at University College Dublin and Interior Design at Griffith University College Dublin Ireland.She graduated top of her class. She holds professional membership with the British Interior Design Institute (BIID) and the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID).

Sharon has lived in the UAE for 18 years. During this time, she has worked in several international and local companies on a whole host of projects from residential, hospitality, offices and retail. For the past 6 years, Sharon has also been running very successful short courses and workshops in interior design and decoration from beginner to advanced levels. Many of her students affectionately call her the ‘Design Guru’.

Sharon loves what she does. Her steadfast commitment and loyalty to her clients, projects, budgets and deadlines are well-known in the market. One of her main strengths is her ability to design bespoke, affordable pieces to really give each interior a unique, distinctive edge. Her clients consistently say that she exceeds their expectations of what a project should achieve. As well as design capabilities, she has also got extensive experience in product specifications, budget estimates, value engineering and project management.

In her free time, Sharon likes to have fun with family and friends, travel off the beaten path, read in the garden at sunset and play with her mischievous cat Misha!

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”I have always been passionate about Art and Design, however having worked for most of my life in Project Manager, the opportunity to indulge in my creative side was limited to negotiations, financial and challenge resolution.Wanting to gain more knowledge and skills in Interior Design with the intent of introducing Design services into my company to create a turnkey solution for Clients and indulge in my passion at the same time, I came across Full Circle Design courses which were ideal as they were part time. Having a hectic work and family schedule and limited course offerings for Interior design in Dubai this suited me perfectly.

Four courses later (Residential Interior Design 1, Residential Interior Design 2,  Commercial Interior Design 1, AutoCAD 1) I cannot wait for the next courses to start, they were very informative, fun and hands on allowing me to gain knowledge and confidence in Interior Design. Sharon Conneely was amazing, she was so patient, supportive, knowledgeable and most of all inspiring. I would highly recommend these courses to both hobbyists and professionals.”

Natalie Frank, Dubai, June 2015

”Although I have a degree in Architecture, I wanted to do short courses in interior design to update those skills. I came across the Commercial Interior Design level 2 and Professional Interior Design Level 3 on the impressive Full Circle Design website. The course descriptions matches at par with the hands on training that we get and fulfils all expectations. If you want to step into the world of interior design for a short period of time, then this is the right door to knock on. The environment is extremely friendly, positive and at the same time healthily competitive. It is a good mixture of professionalism, networking and education. Sharon has proven to be a well-wisher, teacher and a guide to all her students during and beyond the course. Through Sharon’s contacts, she helped to secure a 3 month internship for me with a major design company. Three cheers to Full Circle Design!”

Saniya Bordawekar, Dubai, June 2015

“In January 2011, I faced the overwhelming task of decorating a six bedroom villa in a relatively short time frame. As this was next to impossible to take on alone, I decided to work with Sharon Conneely Donaldson, an interior design consultant. From then on it became much easier as Sharon is an extremely talented designer who made everything possible! Her expertise, attention to detail and immense experience in her field culminated in amazing results, which led to our home being featured in Dubai’s ‘Better Homes’ magazine. I can highly recommend Sharon’s services.”

Mrs Liz Kaawar, Dubai, Dubai 2013

“I never thought I would enjoy the process of furnishing my villa, until I met Sharon and she managed to change my worries. She was professional, proactive and most importantly committed to deadlines. I was not sure where to start the villa and how, but she was very helpful. Although the process was not easy she made it structured, which made it easier to focus and implement. She also comes up with many trusted suppliers and does not limit herself to the plan agreed, but always goes the extra mile to provide the best quality service. Full Circle Design is the best choice for those who are looking for dazzling interior design.”

Amal Al Sharif, Dubai,2013