Private Residence, Mizhar, Dubai

The main design objective of this villa was to create a welcoming, stylish new home for an Emarti family. All the rooms are very spacious. The majlis and family living room are 80 m² each so it was a challenge to provide a cosy, inviting feel to such large spaces. This was largely achieved by providing different zones of activity within each room and defining the main function of the rooms with oversized furniture. Another design challenge was to provide seating for up to 30 guests in the majlis without turning it into a seating showroom! This was achieved by providing a variety of seating options in different zones such as the central curved custom-designed velvet sofa and fitted low window seating with mashrabiya details. The clients wanted each individual room to have its own personality so this was mainly achieved through different styles of furniture and different colour palettes. In particular, the majlis reflects their Arabian heritage though the artwork and mashrabiya details. Much of the art throughout the villa was especially commissioned to enhance this project.