Interior Design : Education & Consultants


Interior Design : Education & Consultants


Interior Design : Education & Consultants


On successful completion of at least 6 courses as per the criteria listed on our ‘Diploma Page’ on our website. A Higher Diploma can be secured on the successful completion of at least 8 courses.

The BIID & APID logos on your Diploma should be internationally recognised. Also, you will be equipped with a very professional design portfolio which will help secure work. However, do note that educational requirements for work vary from country to country, so do your research in advance.

We introduce many students to companies for internship or job opportunities. We cannot offer jobs on their behalf.

We look to provide you with the tools to enable you to find suitable work – the rest is up to you!

Payment should be made at least 10 days BEFORE the course starts. This enables us to confirm course numbers and venue bookings. If you miss the deadline, please still contact us in case there are places still available.

There are 3 options available:

1) by cash or cheque to a Full Circle Design representative (prior appointment necessary)
2) by PayPal on our website
3) Bank transfer or ATM deposit to our bank account

Courses are already priced at the most competitive rates, there are no further discounts.

YES, start with Residential Interior Design Level 1 which is our beginner’s course. It is not necessary to be artistic as the drawing involved in the beginning just involves basic shapes such as squares & rectangles which you draw using an architect’s ruler.

YES, you can produce your work and projects manually. However, if you wish to proceed to intermediate and advanced courses, we will help you learn the necessary programs.

In the Residential Interior Design Level 1 course, it is not essential. However, after this course, it is very useful to be able to use at least the GOOGLE SEARCH when researching for your projects. A laptop is essential for the programme courses such as AutoCAD, SketchUp & Photoshop.

The curriculum covers the essentials for a designer to be equipped to successfully design residential & commercial interiors. Technical skills cover drawings, mood & sample boards, specifications & budgets. Soft skills include interpersonal skills, teamwork, problem solving, presentation skills & confidence building. The courses are very practical and all the activities mimic the work of a real designer. We also offer free seminars on relevant industry topics and invite guest speakers.

Minimum 4 and maximum 16 for most courses. However, the maximum for the advanced courses is 12 & 8 for the program courses.

We do have some AFTERNOON courses on Saturdays only, not evening classes. The majority of our courses are in the mornings.

Yes, once you have a basic understanding of English and a love of interior design! Please fill the registration form to start your application process.

Our instructors are the real deal! They have spent many years in the design industry paired with years of motivational teaching and get excellent results in a short time. We provide as much personal guidance as possible.

On each course, there are studio assignments and homework assignments. The main homework is working on a final project which students present in the last lesson. There is also an end of course test in the interior design courses (not the program ones). Students must pass the final project and test to move forward to the next level. Each final project is assessed by 1 or 2 instructors and will go towards the final Diploma grade. Grades are awarded at the end of the Diploma only (not after each individual course). However, tutor feedback is provided after each course.

Our courses are only run in UAE.

Our courses take 4-5 weeks at 3.5- 4 hours per week depending on the course (once a week in the studio with follow up assignments at home). The Diploma takes approx. one academic year. Once you finish the Residential ID level 1 course, you can do ‘course combining’ of 2 + courses. However, because of the intensive nature of the courses, we don’t recommend more than 2 at the same time. Note, that overseas students can join our ‘Fast Track Programme’ which takes approx.3 months to complete the Diploma.

For the program courses, you need a laptop. Once you register for a course, we will provide you with the links to download the necessary programs which are generally free student versions.

The course fees are set out on our website and range from AED 840 for some workshops to a maximum of AED 2940 for the Professional ID level 2 course. (These figures are subject to change and include VAT)

On the successful completion of each course you will receive a Full Circle Design ‘Letter of Completion Certificate’ indicating the subjects you have covered.

Come and speak to us so we can understand your skills better. Then we can recommend which course you should join.

Well done! However, if you have no formal training in design, you need to join the beginner’s course.

Yes, we have many industry partners that we collaborate with.

Please contact, Peter Donaldson, the company’s Executive Director, on [email protected]